What Is SEO? Benefits, Fundamentals, Rankings, Marketing


SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. This is done by improving the ranking of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific keywords or phrases. Some benefits of SEO include increased visibility and traffic, improved brand awareness, and higher search engine rankings. You can use various techniques to improve your SEO, including on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and keyword research. Many tools and services are also available to help with SEO, including keyword research tools, SEO analysis tools, and SEO marketing services.


With a massive increase in online businesses, the competition is getting harder every day. SEO is the most effective way to tell search engines which websites can attract valuable attention from viewers and searchers. Every business needs to optimize its website for better rankings in our digital era. A successful search optimization serves customer needs and adheres to search engines’ practices and specific guidelines like that of Google and Bing. The heart of a successful SEO is anticipating and understanding the customer intent and providing the appropriate content they wish to see, along with offering the best solutions and answers. It is the best customer reach method to know more about customers’ needs and habits and simultaneously make a sales channel for your business.

Benefits Of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)



  1. Organic search brings in more customers.
  2. Approximately 53.3% of customers come from organic search, and sixty percent claim that their maximum quality leads come from SEO-engaged web traffic. The reason for so many customers is that you are fulfilling their needs when they are looking for answers by being one of the top results. It is important to rank and climb to the topmost position on the Google page so that more customers can click on your website and see your content. You can prove reliable by attracting more customers, increasing your brand visibility by ranking for specific research, and getting your website on the front page. Creating a reliable web experience for the customer.
  3. To succeed in your online business, you need technical elements of SEO like backlinks, authority-building elements, and page speed which play an important role in keeping your site in tip-top shape. When you adhere to search engines’ rules, you can hit the front page and achieve the top spot in search results. In other words, you get more exposure and get good rankings. Based on your website’s functionality, customers will build their trust. A few such ways are-.Security measures
  • Having fast pages
  • Automated customer service portals

4. SEO offers 24*7 promotion

5. SEO continues working after fixed working hours. SEO helps to promote 24*7 promotion as the ranks are achieved through search engine optimization, and the content remains after a budget runs out, which is the case with paid advertising. Thus SEO has unique features, unlike billboards (on the way out of town), enabling companies to reach customers while searching for it. Benefits for small business firms as SEO develops trust.

6. SEO basics are simpler than traditional print ads and sponsored posts in terms of time and effort, which can eventually benefit the long-term business. Search engine authority helps to develop trust along with good quality products and services that build customer credibility. SEO targets the marketing funnel and improves brand awareness.

7. SEO drives content marketing that targets all stages in the marketing funnel, including plenty of content that helps you build brand awareness and loyalty. A significant impact on business can be seen within the first year of quality SEO. However, it is a long-term marketing strategy that increases results with time. On-page optimization and content creation are a few SEO strategies that offer a remarkable return. Targeting the entire audience.

8. SEO and paid marketing strategies (PPC) work amazingly together. PPC helps a website appear at the top of paid search results, whereas SEO gives the same benefit organically. Using these strategies together makes your business; credibility higher since you’re not throwing money to be on top.

9. Local SEO strategies are becoming more common. According to research, almost 80% of local searches like “carpenters near me” lead to more conversions. This can be done by creating a Google My Business account and requesting reviews and testimonials from your satisfied clients. Another great strategy is to optimize your listing for voice search. Creating compelling content to solve problems can increase SEO rankings effectively.

10. Making your website search engine friendly improves customer experience, which drives more sales.

11. SEO helps track rankings, conversions, and website traffic changes. Using Google, you can access complete results that will help you further improve your SEO strategy.

12. An SEO-optimized website brings quality traffic. A website with useful and quality content that addresses people’s problems and intent will ultimately lead to more conversions and higher ROI.

SEO is not made for targeting a single person as it contributes effectively to the companies targeting the entire audience through intent-driven keyword research.

Why SEO Is Necessary For A Website

Creating and hosting a website on the World Wide Web is more than just enough. Only when your website is visible on Search Engines can one highly benefit from it and make it productive. Let’s say you have a great website built with the latest design trend & technology, but later, you find out your analytics shows zero visits. This is because no one knows your existence on the Internet. The website, the latest technology, and design trends become worthless if no one finds them. The solution to this is Search Engine Optimization.


Let’s expand on these points to help understand why SEO is so vital:

Increase Traffic:

Research has revealed that the majority of the traffic to websites comes through search engines. Though there are numerous other channels through which you can market your website, search engines signify the finest way to market all types of businesses. Using keyword analysis, you can identify the market size, the number of searches for that exact keyword, the competitive arena, and even the intent behind keyword searches. As you track the traffic using the necessary tools, you will be able to watch more people visiting your site and sales going through the roof.

SEO is not a cost but an Investment:

SEO has been proven to be one of the leading cost-effective forms of online marketing, delivering a higher Rate of Return. It is comparatively cheap compared to other marketing tools like social media marketing, PPC advertising, and email marketing. With some effort and money up front for the SEO costs, you will be able to watch your website receive consistent traffic. So, in online marketing, SEO is only the means to deliver a high return rate.

Higher Brand Credibility:

SEO can make your brand stronger, healthier, and well-recognized. Most online users consider businesses that rank highly on popular search engines, such as Google, reputable companies. Therefore, if you appear on the first listing, you will be the company to look up to and beat. Additionally, SEO does maximum exposure and an all-around promotion on the World Wide Web, utilizing various techniques to ensure that the goal is reached on time and within the stipulated budget.

Reach a wider audience:

Your website is the initial point of contact with your audience online. It can generate leads, qualify forecasts and fascinate potential new customers, partners, or investors. No matter what you do, you need an effective SEO marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. And you will need that wider audience to increase the revenue generated from your online business. SEO has high conversion potential; it addresses its audience’s concerns and problems, building trust and convincing prospects that the company is the right one to do business with; you can enjoy an excessive rate of visitor-to-sales conversion that’s the envy of your industry.

Your competitors are doing it:

Like the real world, the Internet is full of competitors trying to hog the limelight and gain maximum exposure. And therefore, the importance of SEO marketing cannot be undermined in today’s world. It’s time to realize that you will need an effective search engine optimization strategy somewhere down the line. Pay attention to this valuable tool and let your competitor lead.

SEO is a never-ending process. If you’re not moving forward and refining your position, you’re behind the ground with your competitor. Ranking high on Google is very important if you want many website visitors.

10 Reasons Why You Should Pay For Search Engine Optimization

When you own a business, and you want to collaborate, the first thing you’d do will be to research which business to choose. You might ask around and call up people you know to look for recommendations. Then you might look online to narrow down your search. These steps will help you pick the top company you want to work with. It is important to point out that this is almost the same process search engines follow to decide which websites achieve the top spots for specific search terms. They take multiple aspects into a review, like a website quality, popularity, and user satisfaction. Without these factors, it would be challenging for Google to pick a website to rank on top. To achieve this goal, SEO services are mandatory to help send the right signals to search engines and push your website up in ranking on Google.

Most internet-savvy people would assume it is much easier to do search engine optimization themselves without needing professional search engine optimization assistance. In some cases, this may work, but in most cases, this is an absolute injustice for your web business. Marketing is an important and viable aspect of any business; without proper marketing attention, a business can easily fail. The following are 10 reasons you should hire a professional search engine optimization consultant or SEO company.

Search Engine Optimization Takes Time, Effort & Dedication

Completing a search engine optimisation campaign takes extreme time, effort, and dedication. Search engine optimization consultants and companies usually have dedicated time to work on your project, thus giving you a controlled and managed search engine optimization campaign. Large and many small companies can provide your search engine optimization campaign with the SEO effort and architecture it needs. Attempting to dedicate your own time can sometimes be overwhelming, and without strict self-discipline, you can easily get sidetracked. Additionally, progress for your search engine optimization campaign can take time to see any results. This fact can lessen your motivation to complete your do-it-yourself search engine optimization campaign.

SEO Tools, SEO Strategy, & SEO Experience Goes a Long Way

The available SEO tools are ever-changing, but most skilled SEOs have a suite of SEO tools they keep up with and use to execute reports and other processes, such as keyword research, density reports, competition reports, traffic reports, etc. Like any profession, you need the necessary tools and essentials to get the job done. The professional use of SEO tools will aid in any SEO campaign. Professional SEO consultants and companies create SEO strategies and roadmaps to successfully market client websites. This strategic roadmap outlines the planned effort to market clients’ websites. SEO strategy is essential for any SEO campaign. Having an experienced SEO professional on your side is always ideal. Experienced SEOs stay up to date with the latest SEO trends and news. By having an experienced SEO, your website can impressively gain ranking quickly and much more effectively, providing a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

Search Engine Optimization Is Not Easy

Search engine optimization is complex; it’s not just starting a website and throwing hundreds or thousands of links. Those days of search engine optimization are gone. It is now more about strategy, method, and architecture. Search engine optimization is a form of engineering these days. True search engine optimization engineers stay updated with search engine algorithms and marketing. Knowing the trends is important, but that doesn’t necessarily mean following trends; true search engine optimization engineers use experience, skill, historical methods, and best practices to market websites successfully. Researching trends and not just following trends is very important. A good search engine optimization engineer uses good judgment to know what methods work and what is borderline unethical or useless.

SEO Services Do Not Have to be Very Expensive

Most full SEO campaigns are expensive but relatively affordable compared to other advertising avenues, such as print advertising, broadcast advertising, etc. Shop around for SEO Services that match your marketing budget and needs. Refrain from settling for the first bidder; compare the first bidders’ rates against other SEO companies’ and consultants’ rates. Contact various SEO consultants and SEO companies to receive a free custom quote. Negotiate the SEO rate and services until it fits your budget and needs. Get yourself a fair and honest deal that you are satisfied with.

Search Engine Optimization Can Take Your Website to New Heights


It’s no secret that having your site rank in the top 10 results on search engines is very rewarding and can provide you with herds of traffic if you rank for the right keywords. Search engine optimization can excel your website through the ranks and land your website in the top search results for virtually any keyword you choose. The search engine optimization company or consultant you choose must target top search results for all 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, & MSN). You will surely increase website sales and exposure by having top search results in all 3 major search engines for a popular search term.

Professional & Experienced SEO Services Can Be the Difference Between You and Your Competitors

Most online businesses and services invest in professional and experienced SEO services. The top search results for popular keyword terms usually have professional and experienced SEO companies and consultants in their corner, leading their online marketing campaigns. By having professional and experienced SEOs working for you, your website will naturally outrank your competitors who use the do-it-yourself method of SEO services. Stay one step ahead of your competition, and you will likely do so with professional and experienced SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization Gets You the Best Bang for Your Buck

When you compare search engine optimization with other media advertising efforts such as print advertising, commercial television advertising, and radio broadcast advertising, then search engine optimization gives the best bang for your buck. While other advertising methods can cost hundreds of thousands, search engine optimization costs peanuts compared to these other advertising methods. Let’s say you spend $25,000 for a full search engine optimization campaign, and you spend (let’s say) $100,000 for a television commercial ad that runs for 1 full week at prime time (I know that ad is a whole lot more than that, but this is just an example). The search engine optimization campaign is much cheaper, and the return on investment is much greater for the search engine optimization campaign. Why? Because the search engine optimization campaign has a broader reach, it can reach anyone globally, while the TV commercial ad is specific for local or national broadcasting within their network. Secondly, the search engine optimization campaign is much more targeted and relevant to the customer’s needs because the customer initiated the search and was looking for you. At the same time, the TV commercial ad interrupts the customer viewing program, and the customer is more likely to ignore the commercial ad, especially if it does not entice them.

SEO Services Can Help Increase Business Sales Drastically

Increasing business sales have never been easier. If you have a brick & mortar that sells goods, then it is advised that you also have an online store to sell your goods. Having an online business while investing in professional and experienced SEO services will help your business expand and grow drastically. Like any sound business decision, as a business owner, you are always looking for new ways to monetize, expand, and stay ahead of the competition. SEO services for your online business are the perfect solution for getting this done.

Professional Search Engine Optimization Can Increase Your Search Ranking in a Shorter Time

Professional search engine optimization services can get your website ranked quicker than trying to do it yourself. With professional and experienced search engine optimization, your website can rank within the search engines within weeks, maybe even days. Finding the right professional with the skill level you need can be quite rewarding.

Treat Your Website Like a Business

Companies that offer SEO optimization services specialize in various things like improving rankings, optimizing websites for better performance, assisting with content creation, and much more. Some services that such companies offer are:

1. Keyphrase research and identification

2. Website optimization

3. Submission to search engines

4. Improving user experience

5. Quality link building

6. Content creation

7. Ongoing optimization and updates

We highly encourage any true website owner interested in reaching top search results to consider professional and experienced SEO services for a full search engine optimization campaign. SEO services may be an expensive advertising avenue, but as discussed above, it is much cheaper than their other advertising counterparts, and the reward is much greater. Search engine optimization has long been a mystery to many and is foreign to some. Still, with the help and aid of professional and experienced SEO services, you will easily increase website sales, traffic, and exposure. If you employ the right Search Engine Optimization Company or consultant, We guarantee you will have a rewarding experience and will not regret it.

Dexterous Solutions is a global branding and marketing agency based in the US, serving companies of all sizes. We specialize in understanding your brand and vision and work closely with you to craft branding and marketing assets that align with your brand strategy, mission, vision and goals. With satisfied clients worldwide, let’s connect and explore how we can help you achieve your business goals.


What is Content Marketing? Types of Content Marketing, Examples, Strategies

What is Content Marketing? Types of Content Marketing, Examples, Strategies.

Content marketing involves creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a defined audience. The goal is to drive profitable customer action by building trust and positioning a brand as a credible source of information. Content marketing can take the form of blog posts, social media posts, videos, and whitepapers and is used to support various marketing goals, such as lead generation and brand awareness. A successful content marketing strategy involves identifying the target audience, setting specific goals, and measuring the effectiveness of efforts.


People nowadays are bombarded with ads. According to research, back in 2007, Americans were exposed to almost 5000 ads per day. Our senses are so oversaturated with advertisements that we tend to dislike them. This is becoming a problem for marketers as it affects engagement with customers. Content marketing is the solution, as it is more organic and is based on the belief that trust is a more effective tool than traditional advertising tactics. To gain this trust, a business must offer value to customers – material that fulfils a need, solves a problem, makes them laugh, or instils a desire to learn something new. That material is content. And the way businesses deliver it to their customers is called content marketingContent marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy that can increase conversions, boost brand awareness, increase ROI, and eventually establish a successful business. In this blog, we will give you an overview of

● Content marketing
● Types of content marketing
● Benefits of content marketing
● Strategy

What is content marketing?

A simple definition of content marketing could be “The process of publishing written and visual material online to attract more leads to a business. This includes blog posts, eBooks, infographics, videos, posts, and much more.” 

But content marketing is not about just publishing material. It is mainly tailoring your content according to the audience that you aim to target. It is a strategic investment to achieve business success. Through effective content marketing, businesses can gain online visibility and recognition from customers. It requires a long game of building customer relationships throughout their journey with the business. There are a couple of ways through which content marketing is done, like:

● Uploading content on social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok

● Video distribution on platforms like YouTube

● Content optimization to rank higher in search engines 

To achieve results, effective content marketing strategies should be applied. The quality of content is vital. It should be educational and inspire people. This is in contrast to traditional marketing. Content marketing is all about serving the customer and tending to their needs.

Types of Content Marketing

Today, digital marketers have numerous options regarding their content marketing strategies. Some of the most common and effective ones are highlighted below:

Online content marketing

Any digital material marketers upload online, specifically on their web pages, refers to online content marketing. It is an umbrella term used to describe any content published online to boost brand awareness and attract leads. The content can be anything like information pages, blog articles, infographics, videos, and much more.

Social media content marketing

With over 4.2 billion global social media users, it has become apparent to businesses why they need to invest in social media content marketing. Social media has become a potent tool for entertainment and for brands to connect with their audience. Effective social media marketing can achieve business goals much faster than any other form of digital marketing.

Blog posts/ Articles

Among numerous tools a content marketer can use, a full, up-to-date business blog that provides helpful and searches engine-friendly content is the best marketing strategy. Blogs do wonders for web traffic and search engine rankings. They are the most effective way to build a site’s structure, express brand identity, and connect with the audience.

Video content marketing

Video marketing is a potent tool that can boost conversions, enhance ROI, and help connect with the audience. According to research, 73% of consumers admitted that they prefer to learn about a product or service through videos.

Podcast content marketing

The number of people listening to Apple and Spotify podcasts is increasing daily. Because of this reason, brands have started creating and sharing their podcasts. They are an efficient way to allow creativity in conversations with interesting guests relevant to the industry.


Infographics are an exciting and visually appealing way to display content, information, and data. Simple language, short statements, and clear visuals efficiently communicate your desired content.

Benefits of content marketing

When done right, content marketing does require investing time and resources initially. But the benefits hold a much greater value. After implementing a comprehensive content marketing strategy, here are some serious benefits organizations can realize.

Grow website traffic & generate value

Content is everywhere, and becoming visible among massive amounts of information is a considerable challenge. Content helps in this matter. It makes you findable. Consistent, good quality, and relevant content can establish visibility and brand awareness and ultimately increase traffic to the site.
Content that gives the right message to the right people at the right time has enormous potential to make your brand an authority on the subject. This generates customer value and builds trust in your product or service.

Increase engagement

With the increased use of social media, creating content for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok can be highly beneficial. User-generated content and influencer marketing are two essential strategies for distributing high-quality branded content, producing exceptional results for brands.

Raise awareness about the brand

Most people do not know there might be solutions to their problems. Content marketing raises awareness among people that solutions exist. This drives them to your website and eventually generates sales.

Higher Conversion Rates

Quality content marketing strategies create more conversion rates than other marketing techniques. Through developing trust with consumers, brands can generate more revenue as people buy from brands they trust.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Where the cost of short-term content production is relatively higher, the long-term cost is comparatively low compared to other paid advertising strategies. Creating and distributing content is generally a one-time effort. In contrast, paid search and social ads, on the other hand, have ongoing incremental costs every time someone clicks.

Effective Content Marketing

Effective content marketing can help digital marketers reach their target audience at each step of their sales journey. By continuously generating interest in the brand through content, businesses can achieve their goals sooner than expected. There’s a lot more to content marketing than what we have highlighted. The next article will provide detailed strategies to help your business create compelling content marketing campaigns.


Dexterous Solutions is a global branding and marketing agency based in the US, serving companies of all sizes. We specialize in understanding your brand and vision and work closely with you to craft branding and marketing assets that align with your brand strategy, mission, vision and goals. With satisfied clients worldwide, let’s connect and explore how we can help you achieve your business goals.