The Business Development Center within our establishment

Our Business Development Center, a cornerstone of our organization, drives strategic growth and innovation with meticulous planning and execution, leveraging our team’s expertise to achieve sustainable success

Ensure that no customer goes unnoticed with Dexterous Solutions.

We are proud to offer BDC (Business Development Center) services to dealerships across the US and internationally. Our BDC team can help you generate leads, qualify prospects, and convert more sales opportunities. Let us turn your website visitors into showroom visits!

Allow us to outline how Dexterous Solutions can provide assistance

Sales BDC

Dexterous Solutions stands as the industry leader and exemplar in outsourced BDC services. With a decade-long track record, we have supported numerous New Car, Used Car, RV, and Power-Sport Dealers.

BDC for Service

Dexterous Solutions manages your service customers remotely, enabling your service advisors to focus on those physically present at the dealership.

Engagement Initiatives

Our Customer Lifecycle Center (CLC) integrates inbound opportunities alongside outbound retention and marketing efforts to fulfill the entire customer journey.

Outsourcing BDC Services for Dealerships

When seeking automotive BDC services, Dexterous Solutions is your ideal choice. We offer outsourced automotive BDC solutions tailored for automotive, power-sport, and RV dealerships, enhancing sales and improving customer communication.
Dexterous Solutions operates as an automotive business development center (BDC), leveraging both skilled personnel and advanced technology to drive increased engagement rates and generate more sales opportunities for our clients. In the automotive customer lifecycle, promptness is paramount. We:

What process does Dexterous Solutions follow?

We offer outsourced BDC services to maximize lead conversion opportunities for your business. Dexterous Solutions’ process integrates outbound retention, inbound sales BDC, and inbound service, ensuring a comprehensive and seamless customer lifecycle experience.
Our objective is to facilitate the establishment of strong customer relationships. This is achieved by directing customers to your dealership, enabling salespeople to concentrate on sales and service advisors to prioritize service.
Dexterous Solutions’ automotive BDC offers the subsequent outbound engagement services to assist your business in acquiring and retaining more promising leads:

In what ways can Service BDC benefit me?

Service departments represent a significant source of profit for most dealerships. However, they can also experience lost opportunities when customers fail to return for subsequent services. For example, a customer may visit for an oil change or tire rotation but does not return due to forgetting when it’s time for their next service appointment.
There is a need for follow-up with these customers, but your service advisors are occupied assisting those who are currently arriving for service. Fortunately, Dexterous Solutions is available to assist. Our service BDC services engage with these customers who have been lost and guide them back to your dealership when it’s time for their next oil change or maintenance appointment.

What is Dexterous Solutions?

The individuals you collaborate with at Dexterous Solutions have backgrounds in the automotive industry. A majority of our team members began their careers in the automotive sector and possess extensive experience in this field.

General Manager

BDC Managers

Retail sales associates

Service managers

Sales managers

Finance managers

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