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Send Targeted, Well-Timed Messages and Increase Your Brand Engagement

Can’t get your brand message to the right people at the right time? Bring your brand closer to your target audience with dexterous digital Marketing Agency’s advanced SMS and MMS marketing services.

As a Klaviyo partner, we use only top-of-the-line text message marketing tools to ensure fast message delivery and reliable tracking of your campaign performance. Integrate SMS/MMS marketing into your digital marketing efforts and establish a stronger personal connection with your customers.


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150+ reviews


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What Is SMS Marketing?

Ensure Fast and Reliable Customer Communications
In today’s digital world, new technologies have made 24/7 customer relationships possible. As technology advances, however, consumers are increasingly looking for genuine brand interactions that have a personal, human touch and are not powered by algorithms.
Text message marketing is a cost-effective marketing method that enables you to engage with existing customers and drive new business through instant, personalized communication.
Short message service or SMS marketing is a basic-text messaging service used to send promotions, announcements and other types of messages to targeted audience segments via permission-based, opt-in text messages.
For all SMS text messaging marketing campaigns, brands must receive explicit permission from customers via contest entries, online opt-in forms or by texting a particular keyword or short code. Without this express consent, using promotional text marketing campaigns is an invasion of privacy and is against the law.

Regulatory Compliance for SMS Text Marketing in the U.S.

Text message marketing falls under the same regulatory compliance laws as email and phone communications. These regulations vary per country. In the U.S., legal compliance for SMS text messaging marketing is defined, moderated and managed by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).
Under the TCPA and other industry guidelines, businesses that use text marketing campaigns must:

What Is the Penalty for TCPA Violations?

Mobile text marketing regulations are growing more stringent every year in response to the onslaught of spam messages and rising user privacy concerns. Companies enlisting text message marketing services must meet these regulatory requirements to avoid violations.
Penalties – in the form of statutory damages – are levied per violation. The standard sanction costs up to $500 per violation and $1,500 per willful violation. There is no cap on penalties for TCPA violations, so thousands of offenses can result in million-dollar fines.
Protect your brand against TCPA violation – entrust your text marketing campaigns to an established SMS marketing company to remain compliant with the TCPA and other industry regulations.

At dexterous, We Ensure Your SMS Marketing Campaign Is TCPA Compliant

dexterous digital Marketing Agency is a reputable text message marketing services provider dedicated to helping businesses from across industries harness the power of SMS marketing to generate high-converting leads and gain loyal clients. Our SMS marketing service has enabled numerous companies to increase customer awareness and build stronger brand relationships – we can do the same for you!

Partner with our text marketing company, and let us help you make the most of SMS mobile marketing.

How Does SMS Text Marketing Work?

Grow a Strong Mobile Opt-In List
Businesses and organizations invest in the best text marketing services for various reasons. Primarily, its lack of dependence on an internet connection makes SMS marketing an essential component of omnichannel marketing.
Multichannel or omnichannel marketing is the practice of using online and offline channels to connect with your target audience and move them further down the sales funnel. Incorporating text message marketing into your omnichannel marketing strategy creates seamless messaging and integrated brand experience across channels, from the first touchpoint to the last.
Generally, text marketing is used to communicate time-sensitive information, such as brand offers, updates and alerts to people who have consented to receive brand-related mobile text marketing campaigns. But with its greater immediacy, many institutions now use text messaging marketing service for reasons beyond marketing tactics:
No matter the objective, investing in the best text marketing solution is a surefire way to reach your target audience in a better, faster way.

4 Key Steps to SMS Mobile Marketing Success

Looking to launch personalized SMS text messaging marketing campaigns? Here are the basic steps to get started with SMS text marketing:

1: Find the Best Text Marketing Platform for Your Company

Different cloud-based text marketing tools are available on the market today. However, you need to find an SMS marketing service platform that allows you to connect with your audience easily.
Our SMS marketing company uses Klaviyo to ensure successful mobile text marketing campaign delivery.
Klaviyo is one of the best text marketing tools that offer competitive features and pricing plans. When you partner with us, we work closely with you to ensure you maximize its outstanding SMS features.

Note: There are additional fees for Klaviyo service on top of dexterous SMS marketing service fees.

2: Apply for an SMS Short Code

A short code is a 5- or 6-digit phone number used to send bulk SMS marketing messages within a shorter period. SMS short codes are leased in the U.S. and cannot be bought. Depending on your preference, you may lease random or vanity short codes.
A random short code (also called non-vanity short codes) is a 5- or 6-digit text number randomly selected for you by the Short Code Registry. Leasing a non-vanity short code costs $500 per month and is the cheapest option.
On the other hand, a vanity short code is a phone number selected specifically for your brand, costing $1,000 per month.
Besides short codes, Klaviyo also allows sending SMS through toll-free numbers (U.S. or Canada) and alphanumeric sender ID (UK only).

3: Manage Your SMS Consent Opt-Ins

Before launching a text message advertising or other SMS campaigns, ensure your list of recipients has given you permission to send automated messages. Remove anyone with unconfirmed permission status to avoid violations.
During our strategy call, our SMS advertising specialists will ask for your opted-in list to ensure we remain compliant with government regulations. Our text message marketing company only works with contact lists who have explicitly opted-in for text message advertising from our clients.

4: Craft Your Message and Track Results

Text marketing companies typically use pre-saved text message templates that contain personalization tags to streamline the whole process. Personalization tags allow you to automatically insert the receiver’s information, such as their first name, into every message. This makes each text message unique and personalized even if you’re running a bulk SMS marketing campaign.
Text marketing messages are limited to a maximum of 160 characters, so be sure your message is short, engaging and to the point. You may also include a link in your message that people can click on to visit your landing page.
Once you’ve launched your SMS advertising campaign, track your performance to determine areas of improvement and make the necessary adjustments in your next one.

Why SMS Marketing Is Important

Facilitate Ongoing Brand Conversations
SMS marketing services allow you to send out personalized messages to your target audience at just the right moment to show you care about their brand experience. This paves the way for stronger brand relationships that fuel business success.
Today, more and more companies are leveraging the best text marketing services to scale their business – don’t fall behind by the competition.
Here are more reasons investing in text message marketing services is a smart move for your brand:

Lightning-Fast Delivery

Text marketing service gets your message delivered immediately to your target audience with just a click of a button. This allows you to send time-sensitive messages at scale, such as event-related promotions and flash sales, and increase the chances of your message getting seen as soon as it is delivered.

Direct Customer Communication

Around 75 percent of customers don’t mind texts from companies they opted-in (eMarketer). What’s more, 70 percent consider SMS a great way to get their attention in today’s distracting digital world. Through SMS advertising, you connect with the most customers in the least amount of time.

Higher Open Rates

Text messages boast a 98 percent open rate. On average, it takes only 90 seconds for the receiver to respond to a message (Omnisend). With the right text messaging marketing service, your SMS campaign can significantly impact your brand awareness and bottom line.

Wide Audience Reach

According to Pew Research Center, a whopping 97 percent of Americans own a cellphone. This means you can reach most of your target audience via text marketing service campaigns. Whether you’re managing a small business, enterprise or multi-location company, the best text marketing services can help you reach a wide range of target demographics.

Easy Campaign Tracking

Text marketing companies use state-of-the-art SMS messaging tools to monitor the progress, engagement and performance of text marketing campaigns. Fortunately, SMS marketing is easy to track. Key metrics, such as list growth rate, attrition rate, click-through rate (CTR) and acquisition cost per subscriber, give you deeper insights into your SMS performance.

Increased Revenue

Studies show customers are more likely to click on a link sent through text versus email. On average, one-third of SMS recipients react to SMS calls-to-action (CTAs) and about 47 percent make a purchase (Omnisend). Utilized right, SMS marketing services can deliver excellent conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) to your business.

How dexterous Connects With Your Customers With SMS Marketing

Personalize Your Customer Experiences

At dexterous digital Marketing Agency, our level of engagement with clients depends on their unique situations and needs. Our text marketing services can range from fully managed campaigns to ongoing guidance and support.

If you’re not sure how text message advertising or bulk SMS marketing works, don’t worry. Here’s how our text message marketing company uses SMS text marketing to engage your target audience and generate lucrative results:

1:We Get to Know Your Brand

Once you enlist our text messaging marketing service, we will schedule a strategy call with your brand to provide you with a brief on SMS/MMS messaging usage, identify your campaign needs and demands, confirm your opted-in list and determine our next course of action.

2: We Implement Text Marketing Best Practices

After thorough analysis, the next phase is campaign setup and development. You have the option to craft your own message and let us handle the marketing or entrust the content creation to our SMS marketing company.
To ensure we reach your customers at the best time, we determine your contacts’ time zones in their specific locations and send messages during appropriate times. According to SMSGlobal, the best time to send bulk SMS marketing campaigns is between 10:31 AM-11:29 AM or 2:34 PM-3:27 PM.

Spam is a big no-can-do for dexterous. As a trusted text marketing company, we follow all regulations and best practices set by the governing authorities to protect your business.

3: We Monitor Your SMS Campaign Performance

Our text message marketing company offers SMS marketing through our partner platform, Klaviyo. This allows us to easily create and schedule your SMS campaign and track your analytics. We keep track of SMS-specific metrics, such as click rate, conversion rate, revenue per recipient/message, opt-outs and unsubscribe rate.
We analyze these metrics and use them to improve your next text messaging marketing campaign.

What Is Geofencing Marketing?

Drive More Mobile Reach Through Granular Localization
One of the advantages of SMS marketing is you can use it to send specific location-based messages through geofencing marketing.
Geofencing mobile marketing or geofencing advertising is a form of location-based marketing where brands target their SMS advertising and content delivery based on a geofence or targeted area. A geofence is the physical boundaries of your target location. This could be a specific city, country, zip code or mileage range around a physical location.
However, do not confuse geofencing marketing with geotargeting. With geofencing mobile marketing, you are drawing a virtual fence around an area that you want to trigger messaging for. In geotargeting, on the other hand, text marketing companies deliver messages based on location and behavior.
Have more questions about geofencing mobile advertising? Let our text marketing company walk you through the development process of geofencing advertising campaigns.

How Does Geofencing Mobile Advertising Work?

Attract Customers With Timely, Location-Relevant Ads
Geofencing mobile marketing serves specific geofencing ads to customers who enter a geographically designated area. For example, a customer walking within a defined distance to your local shop may receive SMS geofencing ads for 30 percent off on select products.
Still confused? Our text marketing services team has simplified the geofencing advertising process to guide you. Here’s how it works:

1: invite Customers To Join Your SMS Geofencing Marketing List

Top geofencing companies understand that SMS opt-in is always the first step in text marketing. You need to ask customers for permission to use their location for geofencing mobile advertising in order to move forward.

2: Track People in the Radius You’ve Established

Once you’ve received permission, the next step is to track your customers’ location. In most cases, geofencing marketing companies would only need to monitor their subscribers’ location once a day, around a specific time, for a particular campaign.

3: Send Targeted Geofencing Ads Straight to Their Mobile

Geofencing ads are typically pre-programmed by geofencing advertising companies. This means when a subscriber appears in your geofence, they will automatically get a text alert about your brand promotion.

Best Text Marketing Practices for Geofencing

Boost Your Retail Foot Traffic and Increase Sales
From small shops and enterprises to multi-location companies, many businesses nowadays take advantage of geofencing marketing services from top geofencing companies to drive more customers to their physical store.
To get the most out of your geofencing text marketing services, you need to:

1: Establish a Precise and Hyper-Local Geofence

Geofencing advertising companies recommend setting a radius close to your store’s location. According to text marketing experts, geofencing mobile marketing is best executed within a driving distance of 5 minutes.

2:Personalize Your Geofencing Ads

Reputable geofencing marketing companies agree that getting creative with geofencing ads for bulk SMS marketing services can be challenging. However, you can still segment your receivers into different groups and tailor your message based on these categories to provide a more personalized brand experience.

3: Perform A/B Testing

When launching bulk SMS marketing services, ensure your geofencing ads are effective at engaging your subscribers. Geofencing advertising companies advise that you test different types of ad content before the campaign launch to determine which geofencing ad is more engaging to your target audience.

4: Set Strategic Geofences

Geofences are typically set in the store’s nearby locations. However, don’t let this limit your radius. Top geofencing companies also recommend building geofences in landmarks near your store or even your competitor’s outlet. In this way, you increase your chances of attracting more customers.

5: Send Geofencing Ads at Optimal Hours

Determine the best time to send your geofencing ads to your subscribers. According to geofencing marketing companies, although the timing is up to your creativity, you still need to consider industry regulations and the “happy hours” that are most effective for your customers.
Geofencing mobile marketing is too big an opportunity to disregard. Enlist our geofencing text marketing services and drive more customers to your local store!

What Is MMS Messaging?

Showcase Your Brand Offering More Effectively
Businesses looking to improve their text marketing tactics have likely considered investing in MMS marketing services. MMS messaging is one of the most widely used techniques to promote just about anything. From small businesses and real estate agencies to schools, universities and non-profit organizations, various verticals leverage MMS marketing service to drive better marketing results.
But what is MMS messaging, and should your brand capitalize on it for product/service promotion?
Multimedia messaging service or MMS marketing is a form of text marketing enabling you to send rich media, such as videos, images and audio clips, to your contact list. Text marketing service providers consider MMS messaging an enhanced version of text-based marketing because it allows businesses to create a story through a message.

Integrate MMS marketing service into your overall marketing efforts and see why many brands consider it pivotal to their success.

How Does MMS Marketing Work?

Help Your Target Audience Recognize Your Brand’s Value Proposition
If you’re thinking of sending MMS messages to your subscribers, you need to first gain an in-depth understanding of what is MMS messaging and what it entails:

MMS Message Character Limit

Unlike text messages with a limited character count, MMS messages do not have a standard length (depending on the service provider). With MMS marketing service, you can provide your subscribers with more detailed information about your brand offerings.

MMS Media Content Options

Besides sending a text with unlimited characters, you can also include various types of content in your MMS messages. These include animated images (GIFs), videos, pictures, audio clips and virtual business cards.

MMS Subject Lines

Another advantage of MMS messaging is it allows you to include a subject line in your MMS messages. On most mobile devices, the subject line is displayed in bold font to distinguish it from the other text in the message. MMS marketing service providers advise limiting the character count of your subject line to 40 because this is the length supported by all mobile devices and wireless carriers.

MMS Marketing Costs

Since MMS messages support different media content, MMS marketing services are relatively more expensive than text marketing. On average, MMS marketing campaigns cost 2-3X higher than a mobile text marketing message. This is because you will be paying for the increased visual appeal and flexibility of your MMS messages.

Over the years, MMS marketing has proven beneficial to businesses across industries. Are you ready to launch your MMS marketing campaign? Get in touch with our text marketing company to build better recognition and engagement through MMS messaging.

SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Which Is Better for My Business?

Determine the Best Way to Win Your Customers’ Attention
Email marketing and SMS marketing are popular marketing methods companies across industries employ to establish stronger client relationships.
Email marketing is an online marketing strategy that leverages email service providers (ESPs) to send out automated email promotions and announcements. It facilitates hyper-personal communication, enabling thousands of businesses to connect with targeted audience segments and build customer loyalty. Statistics show approximately 64 percent of small businesses use email marketing to reach their customers (Campaign Monitor).
SMS/MMS marketing, on the other hand, is a fast and cost-effective method to share brand promotions, announcements and other updates with customers. It does not rely on mobile app downloads or internet connection to deliver messages, lowering the costs significantly.
By incorporating SMS and email marketing into your marketing arsenal, you increase brand engagement, solidify customer relationships and boost sales potential.
SMS Marketing Is Best For:
Email Marketing Is Best For:

Integrate both strategies into your marketing efforts and launch a series of lead generation and nurturing campaigns that contribute to your revenue growth. Nurture leads and land more sales with dexterous SMS/MMS marketing services.

Why Choose dexterous for Your SMS/MMS Marketing Services

Build Trust and Grow Client Understanding of Your Brand

dexterous digital Marketing Agency is an esteemed text message marketing company dedicated to helping businesses ensure the effectiveness and performance of their SMS marketing campaigns. Our strategies are aligned with the latest technological developments and industry trends to ensure success for our clients’ campaigns.

Partner with our SMS marketing company and reap the following benefits:

TCPA-Compliant Text Marketing Service

At dexterous, we ensure you stay TCPA-compliant with every SMS/MMS message you send. Our text marketing team keeps your subscription lists scrubbed and cleaned at all times. More importantly, you can rest assured we never work with illegal, purchased lists.

Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Our SMS marketing company offers SMS broadcast marketing and SMS automated campaigns. We also work with clients across a wide range of industries, including eCommerce, real estate, construction and healthcare. No matter the scope of your sms marketing campaigns, our text marketing services team got all your bases covered.

Klaviyo Partner

We use Klaviyo as our SMS/MMS marketing platform to streamline opt-in list collection and management and ensure smooth campaign execution. Kalviyo’s built-in integrations effortlessly connect with various platforms, including Shopify, WooCommerce and BigCommerce, taking the stress and hassle from SMS deliverability.

Comprehensive SMS Marketing Service

Our text message marketing company offers fully managed SMS/MMS marketing solutions. If you need to create graphics or videos for MMS, we can also handle them for you. dexterous boasts a team of experienced digital marketing professionals adept at creative content creation, content writing and video production.

Detailed Monthly Reports

As your SMS marketing partner, we ensure you stay on top of all your campaign developments. Our text marketing experts provide you with comprehensive monthly reports that include your campaign analytics, key metrics and recommended strategies. We present this report to you during our scheduled calls.

SMS/MMS Marketing Specialists

Once your partner with us, you can rest assured your SMS/MMS campaigns are managed by seasoned marketing professionals. From list cleaning/segmentation and campaign development to execution and monitoring, we keep track of all processes to ensure you get your money’s worth.

How To Get Started With SMS/MMS Marketing

Choose dexterous and Get the Most Out of Our Service

Launching your first SMS/MMS marketing campaign? Enlist our bulk SMS marketing services in three easy steps:
1: Schedule a Consultation
Call us at 866.908.4748 or fill out our contact form to schedule a strategy call with our text marketing experts. During our initial consultation, we discuss your campaign needs and expectations in detail.
2:Send Personalized SMS/MMS Marketing Messages
Our text marketing team creates a tailored SMS marketing plan for your brand. Once approved, we begin with the initial campaign setup and launch your mobile text marketing campaign.
2:Generate Profitable Results
Focus on your core operations while our SMS/MMS marketing team handles your campaign. With our SMS marketing service, rest assured your customers are getting the right message at the right time.
Get Free Consultancy
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