Drone Video and Photography Services

Capture Stunning, High-Definition Shots From New Vantage Points

Make your visual content more exciting and memorable with dexterous digital Marketing Agency’s professional drone videography and aerial drone photography services. Whether you want fast-flying sequences with tight turns or something slow and cinematic, dexterous wide scope of drone videography services turn your ideas into reality.

We Bring Years of Expertise to Every Drone Project

dexterous digital Marketing Agency has a deep history of delivering professional drone photography and video services for numerous businesses. Discover our latest aerial photography service projects:

What You Need To Know About Drone Videography & Photography

Create Dynamic Visual Content That Takes Your Business to New Heights
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how much aerial drone visuals can tell your audience. Drone videography and aerial drone photography create immersive visual content that conveys engaging stories like no other form of media can.
From highlighting the dynamic nature of your business and showing off your greatest achievements to creating breathtaking content for websites, social media posts, promotional campaigns and more, its unlimited versatility makes aerial drone service a smart investment.

What Is Drone Videography?

Drone aerial videography is the art of using a drone or an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to capture unique aerial footage and offer a fresh perspective on a particular location or event.
Drone video service has exciting implications for many industries and business ventures. Brands that embrace drones for advertising can take full advantage of aerial and motion shots that deliver greater value and results than other video productions. Aerial shots are taken from an elevated vantage point, and motion shots show movements across space to give depth.
Traditionally, video production companies would use a helicopter to achieve these kinds of shots. But the advent of aerial videography means a much higher-quality, lower-cost alternative that tells your story on a bigger scale. This advantage in cost and quality makes drone videography services a key turning point in video advertising.

What Is Drone Photography?

Like aerial videography, aerial drone photography allows you to capture stunning, impactful images from new perspectives. The drone’s small size and ability to tolerate harsh environments allow it to hover above the scene and deliver aerial shots with unparalleled clarity.
With altitude on your side, using drones in advertising opens up a range of new possibilities for businesses to create an interactive brand experience. From aerial photography real estate projects to expansive, cinematic images, aerial drone photography services from the leading aerial imaging companies are sure to drive the overall success of your sales and marketing efforts.

Enhance Your Visual Experience With Professional Drone Services

Whether it’s shooting videos or taking aerial images, dexterous digital Marketing Agency’s aerial drone services offer a new perspective on an ordinary scene. Manned by a certified drone pilot and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our drone video company can take on any project you send our way.

A Premier Drone Service Company

Turning Your Vision Into Reality Using the Latest Technology

dexterous digital Marketing Agency is one of the few drone video service and aerial imaging companies in Texas that caters to all industries across the United States. We invest in top-notch drone technology and video production equipment to transform aerial videography and photography into the exceptional experience our clients deserve.

DJI Mavic 3 Series

Our aerial photography company redefines industry standards using the DJI Mavic 3 Series. Stacked with impressive features, the DJI Mavic 3 Series is built for industrial applications with limited access to specific locations.


Allow viewers to tour your space with more context and an immersive flying experience. Unlike traditional aerial drone service, First-Person View (FPV) drone videography service enables flying through gaps and tight spaces – perfect for filming indoor and outdoor properties.



Cinelifter FPV copters are perfect for capturing breathtaking shots with cinematic allure. Designed with high-end features, this innovative drone video service technology captures accurate, action-driven maneuvers and can hold the weight of DSLR and cinema-quality cameras!


Drone Uses for Business

Put Your Brand in the Spotlight
More and more brands are discovering the plethora of drone uses for business. Don’t fall behind the competition; see how professional drone photography and video drone services can benefit your business in powerful new ways:


Capture the splendor, excitement and buzz in every special event with professional drone services. Unlike conventional videography and photography, video drone services vividly capture the occasion in detail without any interruptions. Whether you’re hosting a wedding, concert, sports match or festival, our drone video company ensures your once-in-a-lifetime moments are preserved with utmost precision.


Drone aerial services provide views of your structure that standard ground photography simply cannot. If you’re looking for a new way to showcase your next construction project, our professional photography drone team can capture the majesty of your construction site, document your construction process and produce aerial film footage of your structure as it grows.

Hotel & Hospitality

Attract more guests to your properties with immersive videos and aerial photography drone promotional campaigns. dexterous licensed aerial videographer captures your property’s expansive beauty and amenities to create visual content that immerses viewers. More importantly; our drone service company is familiar with the rules and regulations that impact drone usage in every locale.


Even if you have hundreds or even thousands of acres of land, you can rely on our professional photography drone team to capture stunning aerial footage of your agricultural land. From sunset and sunrise shots over long stretches of impressive crops to extensive area coverage, our aerial photography company takes professional-quality footage that brings out the best in your agricultural land.

Real Estate

Sell the ambiance of your property and allow buyers to visualize the lifestyle in the community with professional aerial photography real estate services. Whether you're after compelling visuals for your marketing campaign or a different perspective on your property for a real estate listing, our real estate drone photography and videography experts have the creative and technical skills needed.


Looking to add another angle to your digital content? Using drones in advertising enables you to create unique and engaging marketing materials that generate buzz and build brand awareness across social channels. Investing in drones for advertising is also more cost-effective since you only need a single pilot and camera operator to begin capturing aerial footage.


Leverage drones in advertising and provide unique, jaw-dropping experiences that capture the audience’s attention within the first few seconds. Even at a relatively fast speed, you can expect seamless, steady aerial footage since dexterous uses the latest FPV aerial photography drone technology. Think race cars, crossovers, dirt bikes, pickup trucks or any other type of vehicle, our drone video company can produce captivating content that matches your vision.


Like real estate aerial photography, construction drone photography is making waves – and for a good reason. Drone video services capture sweeping aerial shots of the entire site that make for impressive marketing materials whether they are used for social media posts, company websites or brochures. Upgrade your marketing efforts with construction drone photography and drone aerial services. Schedule a call today.

Recreation & Entertainment

Expand the creative boundaries of your brand marketing efforts with professional drone photography and video drone services. From producing breathtaking aerial visuals to recording energetic performances, dexterous aerial photography drone services team has what it takes to bring your vision to life. Our aerial photographer works closely with you to create impactful, awe-inspiring visual content that offers audiences a brand-new experience.

How To Get Started With dexterous Drone Services

Showcase Your Products and Services in a New Way
Turn your vision into a compelling visual story in three easy steps:


Tell Us About Your Project

Our aerial videographer will schedule a discovery call with you to hear your ideas, plan out the project, narrow the scope of work and schedule a shoot date.


Capture the Best Aerial Footage

After confirming your video and/or aerial photography drone project details, we will arrive at the location on the scheduled date to capture drone footage.


See Your Vision Turn Into Reality

Post-production for drone photography services typically takes a few days, while drone video services take 2-4 weeks to complete. We accept two revisions on all video projects.

Drone Video & Photography Services

Experience the Best in Production Technique and Quality

dexterous digital Marketing Agency is a trusted drone service provider committed to delivering top-notch aerial video and drone photo service that match your needs. Discover the cutting-edge capabilities of our drone videography services:

Drone Cinematography

Create iconic shots and give your target audience a unique perspective of your brand story unfolding. Our drone aerial photography services team is one step ahead in exploring and using various drone shot techniques to set you apart from the competition.

Drone Photography

Give your brand the “wow” factor and impress prospects with high-quality aerial shots. dexterous offers aerial photography drone services for most industries. Whether you need construction, hospitality or real estate photography aerial services, among others, we can help you.

Dual Operator Configuration

Our FPV drones feature a dual operator setup that allows our drone services team to capture smooth, stable, high-quality footage. In the dual-operator configuration, a separate camera operator controls the camera so the pilot can focus on flying and achieving flawless shots.

Night Drone Operations

Our video and aerial drone photography services don’t end with the sunset. We are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for night aerial drone service operations. Set up a meeting with our aerial photographer to get your project off the ground today.

FPV Drone Operations

From car commercials and live streams to real estate aerial photography, we’re qualified to conduct FPV drone operations for indoor and outdoor drone uses for business. Choose dexterous as your drone service provider and get the perfect marketing tool to raise brand awareness.

Single-Take Drone Fly-Throughs

Give a virtual tour of your facility in a creative and captivating way. Our FPV built-out drone is capable of flying at high speeds and quick turns with precise movements. Sign up for our drone services and add interest to your marketing materials with single-take videos.

Panoramic Drone Photography

Looking for captivating landscape shots for your website header, billboard or truck wrap? Whatever your panoramic drone photography needs, our professional photography drone services team can create stunning panoramas that will take your breath away.

Single Operator Configuration

If you need simple reveals and shots with minimal camera movements, a single-operator configuration may be right for you. dexterous single-operator aerial drone services are ideal for low-budget productions or those that require simple drone shots.

360-Degree Photography and Video

Capture stunning landscapes or vast properties from a bird’s eye view. dexterous 360-degree drone videography service makes viewers feel as if they're inside the visual content. We bring experiences to life using the latest production techniques and creative know-how.

Live Video Broadcast

dexterous is one of the leading aerial imaging companies that provide live video broadcast aerial drone services for events, corporate launches and other purposes. Get in touch with our drone video company marketing team to discuss your project details.

Indoor Drone Video

Create seamless indoor video tours of your property and showcase your business to the world. Our real estate drone photography team takes precautionary measures to anticipate any tricky areas and successfully navigate around any visual obstructions and obstacles.

Timelapse and Hyperlapse Drone Video

Bring energy and life to your campaigns with professional timelapse and hyperlapse drone videography service. Our aerial videographer can plan and execute time-lapses and hyperlapses over both day and night scenes.

Why Choose dexterous for Your Drone Videography & Photography

Get Results That Soar High Above Your Expectations

dexterous digital Marketing Agency is one of the leading drone video services and aerial photography companies in the United States. Our talented aerial photographer and videographers take on a breadth of creative projects for clients, such as corporate videos, construction drone photo services, real estate photography aerial projects and more.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for our video and aerial photography service:

Certified Drone Pilot (Part 107) (FAA Approved)

dexterous has FAA-certified aerial photographers on its team. Being a professional drone services provider, you can expect us to make every drone photo service and video project run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Newest Drone Videography Technology

Our drone service company invests in state-of-the-art drone technology and video production equipment to deliver high-quality drone video and aerial photography services. We carry drone specialty insurance up to $10 million.

10,000 Hours Flight Experience

dexterous boasts a team of experienced aerial photographers knowledgeable in choosing the best equipment and approach to fly your site. Legal documentation, flight permissions and other administrative tasks are all handled for you.

Cinematic and FPV Pilots

All drone photography service and aerial videography projects come with at least two drone professionals to ensure every project is safe, secure and done as efficiently as possible.

Fast Turnaround

We follow the highest standards and our team works closely with you to ensure your projects are completed within your designated timeline. Our aerial photographers will then send you the deliverables as soon as they are ready.

Real-Time Playback

Our aerial photography service team transmits live footage in high-definition for real-time playback and approval. This process ensures all aerial shots match your vision.

What Makes Drone Aerial Services Different?

Get Unmatched Stability and Fluidity of Images
Video and drone photography services are taking the marketing industry by storm. Today, more and more companies are leveraging drones for advertising. But are drone aerial photography services a worthy investment?
Discover what makes aerial videography and drone photography service different from conventional service:

Minimal Interference

Because of its maneuverability, aerial photography companies rely on drone technology to collect high-resolution footage over long distances and remote areas. They produce very little noise, which means they can be used near animals and on sites.

Sky’s the Limit

Drone video and aerial photography services have opened new horizons on both creative and technical aspects that were unheard of years ago. These modern techniques are faster, more reliable and more economical than conventional video production methods.

Unique Perspective

Drone photography service is unique in its ability to capture images and videos that would not otherwise be possible to see from ground level. It opens up a whole range of possibilities to play with different perspectives in interesting ways that elevate your shots.

Cost-Effective Production

Any drone video company marketing experts would agree that drone photo services are relatively easy and quick to implement. It takes minutes to set up and take off, with multiple elevation points possible over a few hours.

Better Visual Accuracy

Aerial photography services deliver an accurate portrayal of size and proportion that are particularly advantageous when marketing businesses like real estate, large-scale construction and other industrial applications.

Unmatched Safety

In situations where manned aviation would be unsafe, such as shooting in dangerous or impassable areas, drone photography services provide the perfect solution to capture aerial imagery while ensuring everyone’s safety and security.

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