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Skyrocket Your Sales and Expand Your Audience

Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) enables advertisers to buy digital display advertising space on and off Amazon. dexterous digital Marketing Agency, an Amazon advertising agency, can manage your DSP advertising and maximize your results. Reach your target audience more effectively with the Amazon demand side platform and leverage first- and third-party shopper data exclusively through DSP advertising.


150+ reviews


150+ reviews


150+ reviews

What Is Amazon DSP?

Improve Your Reach With Exclusive Shopper Data
Amazon demand side platform is an Amazon Advertising product that enables automated and programmatic buying of display, video and audio ads. Amazon DSP advertising placements extend beyond Amazon.com and into its subsidiaries, such as IMDb and Prime Video.
Get a firm grasp of 1. what is Amazon DSP and 2. what is a demand side platform by understanding more about display advertising:
  • Display Advertising
    Display advertising is a means to promote brands through digital ads – typically in the form of text, images, video and audio – on platforms where online ad space (called inventory) is available. Examples of Amazon display ads include Amazon banner ads and Amazon product display ads.
An advertiser can buy space on a website with available inventory (called a publisher), and this relationship is amplified and automated through demand side platform companies (DSP platforms) offering DSP advertising.
  • What Is a Demand Side Platform?
    Demand side platform companies saw the opportunity to bring the buying and selling of ad inventory online. A DSP uses technology to create a network of ad inventory across multiple platforms. Specifically, a DSP Amazon advertiser would use the Amazon demand side platform to purchase and manage their Amazon DSP ads from multiple publishers on a single demand side platform interface. Most display advertising today is done programmatically through DSP platforms
  • What Is Amazon DSP?
    Amazon DSP is a demand side platform and display advertising Amazon solution owned and operated by Amazon. The Amazon demand side platform enables programmatic buying of ad inventory on Amazon.com and its subsidiaries. Demand side platform advertising is ideal for businesses who want to promote their products and services on a large scale. Amazon DSP advertising is available through self-service or managed options, but using a demand side platform requires a significant amount of experience in advertising on Amazon. An Amazon marketing agency can extend beyond your Amazon Advertising DSP and maximize the entire Amazon Advertising platform.

Amazon DSP typically requires a minimum campaign budget of $35,000 and a three-month commitment. Having your account managed by an Amazon advertising agency like dexterous helps you take full advantage of Amazon DSP and make the most of every dollar invested – we optimize your campaigns and make data-driven decisions that use your budget wisely. With dexterous , you benefit from customized demand side platform and product display ads Amazon strategies, fine-tuned DSP ads and the ability to integrate other Amazon display advertising solutions.

Why Use Amazon DSP Advertising?

Attract Prospects and Access Exclusive Clientele
Advertising on Amazon is a proven way to get more product views, but the demand-side platform takes it to the next level. You gain access to data and placements not ordinarily available on the Amazon Advertising platform. Demand side platform advertising is ideal for advertisers interested in large-scale campaigns to drive brand awareness and sales for your business.

Exclusive Amazon Ad Platform Audiences

As a top eCommerce platform, Amazon has a wealth of first-party shopper data and third-party data from its valuable partners. But this is not readily available to anyone advertising on Amazon. The Amazon DSP demand side platform exclusively harnesses this data to allow more fine-tuned prospect targeting options such as audience behavior, related products and interest-based targeting.

More Ways of Advertising on Amazon

An excellent example of what the demand-side platform can do is allow you to target Amazon Prime Video subscribers. You can create DSP ads based on what your target audience is watching on Prime Video and align with your potential customer’s interests. Amazon and its subsidiaries collectively capture a large online audience and offer a wide range of services far beyond the eCommerce space.

DSP Amazon Lookalike Audiences

Amazon Advertising DSP allows you to create lookalike audiences using your existing customer data. The Amazon ad platform analyzes your customer data and matches it to Amazon display advertising data to create your lookalike audience. This helps you get started on the DSP demand side platform more quickly and take advantage of the audience insights you already have.

In-Depth Amazon DSP Ads Insights

The level of display advertising Amazon data collected from your DSP ads is unparalleled. Amazon DSP reporting includes retail insights that let you compare activity before, during and after your demand side platform advertising campaigns. Because you have access to exclusive Amazon ad platform data, you can expect in-depth insights on how customers discover, research and purchase your products.

What’s Included With dexterous Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Supercharge Results With High-Quality and Unique Ad Campaigns

Amazon DSP Advertising Strategy

Every successful campaign starts with a detailed strategy. Our years of experience in Amazon marketing services enable us to drive meaningful results through a highly targeted display advertising Amazon strategy. We take time to understand your Amazon display advertising goals and create a customized plan that gets you there.

Demand Side Platform Management

While Amazon DSP automates the purchase of ad inventory, it can’t run entirely on its own. A successful large-scale brand campaign involves a bidding process, price setting, audience targeting and selecting the right placements. We manage your Amazon advertising platform to ensure you get the most out of your advertising DSP platform.

High-Quality Amazon DSP Ads

Your Amazon DSP strategy will bring your ads to the right audience, but it’s the creatives that capture their attention. Most Amazon product display ads and Amazon banner ads use templates, but we can create custom creatives to make your Amazon display ads stand out. We ensure your DSP ads comply with Amazon’s strict creative acceptance policies and revise when necessary.

DSP Amazon Audience Analysis

The caliber of shopper data on Amazon is incomparable to other DSP platforms. While other demand side platform companies have insights into what buyers are interested in, Amazon has data on what buyers are buying. Our Amazon advertising agency analyzes your audience insights to reach your ideal customers better. We create retargeting campaigns and continuously fine-tune your audience for the best results.

Amazon Display Advertising Expertise

Prior to DSP advertising, display ads were already available and charged per click. The best answer to what is a demand side platform is that it’s an option for the user to buy display advertising at scale, where advertisers pay per 1,000 impressions instead of clicks. We help you plan and allocate your advertising budget according to the optimal product display ads Amazon strategy for you through our display advertising expertise. We offer integrated Amazon marketing services to complement your large-scale advertising campaigns.

Continuous DSP Amazon Optimization

At dexterous, we believe all business decisions should be data-driven. We monitor your Amazon DSP campaign analytics to find the strategies that work and where we can optimize further. We invest in your most profitable campaigns and reallocate more of your ad budget. Our experts assess your target audience and remove overlaps that waste resources. Through product display ads Amazon optimization, we make every penny of your advertising budget count.

Our Amazon Agency Gets Results

Gain High Returns With Superior Campaign Optimization

dexterous digital Marketing Agency has grown businesses of all sizes for more than 15 years. Our advertising experts continuously find opportunities to increase your return on ad spend (ROAS), improve your brand presence and grow your customer base.

Here’s what our Amazon marketing agency achieved for a couple of our clients:


Page Views


Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)


Unit Sales


Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS)

What dexterous Did For This Client:

Our winning strategy consisted of a robust Amazon SEO foundation and highly targeted Amazon ads. We completed an overhaul of product detail page elements and images for more than 2,000 products to improve keyword performance and online visibility. With our help, this company grew its sales volume by 26 percent within the first two months with dexterous.

What dexterous Did For This Client:

Before working with dexterous, this company did not have an Amazon Advertising strategy. Our experts launched a full-scale Amazon marketing campaign focused on increasing pageviews and unit sales. We revamped their digital presence with relevant keywords and high-quality creatives. dexterous increased this company’s average total units sold from about 300 per month to 1,700 per month.

Other Amazon Services Offered by dexterous

Maximize Your ROI With Expert Guidance and Integrated Solutions

Amazon Marketing Services

It takes an expert approach to make your products stand out in an oversaturated marketplace. Our Amazon marketing services focus on boosting your product visibility and sales through organic and paid strategies. We amplify your brand presence on and off Amazon through highly targeted Amazon display ads and a full-funnel marketing strategy tailored to you.

Amazon SEO

We revamp your product detail pages through Amazon listing optimization to make your ideal customers find you more easily. Our SEO experts conduct in-depth keyword research to find the search terms most relevant to your business and place them strategically in your product listings. We boost your discoverability by improving the quantity and quality of your Amazon reviews.

Amazon Advertising PPC

Trust the dexterous experts to find the Amazon Advertising solutions that best fit your business needs and advertising goals. We can start you out on product display ads that Amazon charges per click, and build our way up to take full advantage of the Amazon DSP demand side platform. We create high-quality Amazon banner ads, video ads, sponsored product ads and more.

Amazon Posts Management

Amazon Posts is an image-based browsing platform that mimics the social media experience. Our experts leverage this new and free way to connect with your target audience through an instantly shoppable feed. We create high-quality Amazon Post creatives, write compelling copy and ensure every Post is associated with the right Amazon products for improved sales.

Amazon Storefront & Branding

At dexterous, we take every opportunity to impress your online shoppers. Amazon A+ Content allows you to include a creative layout of your product images and descriptions in your product detail page. We break away from the standard bullet point product details and capture your target audience’s attention with attractive photos and optimally laid-out text.

Amazon Seller Consulting

Our Amazon Seller Consulting services ensure your business adapts to your customer’s ever-changing needs. Our Amazon experts assess your key metrics such as product views, clicks and site visits to accurately evaluate your Amazon performance. We conduct a competitor analysis and make regular recommendations to improve your results.

Why Choose dexterous for Your Amazon DSP Advertising Management

Get Results With Proven Techniques and Innovative Strategies

Award-Winning Amazon Agency

Our full-service Amazon marketing agency has been consistently recognized for excellence in Amazon advertising services. We take time to understand what you do and share the same passion for growing your business. Our experts take a tactical approach to improving your campaign reach and achieving maximum return on investment (ROI).

Customized Amazon DSP Strategy

DSP platforms can be overwhelming without the right people to help you. At dexterous, we use our years of experience in Amazon Advertising to develop a 100 percent custom Amazon DSP strategy for you. We work with you to plan your budget and ensure we execute cost-effective solutions. Our experts take a multifaceted approach to drive profitable results.

We Are eCommerce Experts

Working with dexterous, you reap the benefits of more than 15 years of eCommerce expertise gained from thousands of successful advertising campaigns. We place your products among the top eCommerce brands through holistic eCommerce marketing services. Our experts utilize proven eCommerce optimization, SEO, PPC and web design best practices to propel your business.

We Stay Ahead of the Curve

As the Amazon Advertising platform expands, our Amazon experts ensure that your business grows with it. We stay on top of the latest Amazon trends and developments and find every opportunity to maximize Amazon tools. We continuously develop your strategy according to the best ways to promote your business and grow your customer base.

Transparency and Measurable Results

The scope of Amazon DSP campaign analytics exceeds every other solution currently on the Amazon Advertising platform. We take advantage of the level of detail we have learned about your audiences and fine-tune your strategy for better results. At dexterous, we leverage your DSP campaign insights to create profitable Amazon product display ads and maximize all other Amazon Advertising solutions.

Dedicated Account Manager

At dexterous, much of our success comes from our team’s commitment to transparency, responsiveness and relationship building. Your dedicated Amazon account manager makes sure to keep you informed on vital business decisions and updated on your campaigns' progress. We keep our communication lines open and make all your data available to you at any time.

dexterous digital Marketing Agency is a full-service Amazon advertising agency growing businesses of all sizes since 2005. We work with you to create an Amazon DSP advertising strategy suited to your budget and unique business goals. We complement your strategy with the right Amazon marketing services for maximum sales performance.

Contact us today to learn about how our Amazon DSP services amplify your brand awareness, tap into new Amazon audiences and reach more customers through integrated Amazon Advertising strategies.
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