What is Dexterous Solutions?

Disruptive, out-of-the box, trailblazing and unconventional are all words used to describe Dexterous Solutions. But the question remains, what is Dexterous Solutions and who are the people behind it?


What is Dexterous Solutions?

Dexterous Solutions is a team of professionals who are the answer to all your digital marketing, designing and web development needs. Be it corporate branding, social media revamping or developing an e-commerce website, we’ve got it covered!

So how was Dexterous Solutions formed? A group of friends at lunch, discussing problems they face in business. What was the common problem amongst all? Creating and marketing their brand with consistency, creativity and affordability, all while achieving growth and projects being delivered on time. One of the bunch decided to start his own company to cater to these problems being faced in the market, with his first clients being those same friends he had gone to lunch with.



Dexterous Solutions became a company that specializes in corporate branding, which includes, but is not limited to establishing a brand’s voice, and its perception in the minds of its customers. We also work on logo designstationery designsocial media design and web design.


More Expertise

Our next area of expertise lies in digital marketing, this includes search engine marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization. We work on pay-per-click (PPC) ads, google ads, Facebook ads and other social media platform ads, with the aim to help our clients rank better on search engine result pages. Why do brands need to rank better on search engine result pages you ask? Well, the answer to that is more visibility to prospective customers. The higher a brand ranks, the more likely potential customers are to click on its website or social media pages, eventually bringing in more traffic.


Content Creation

We work on creating content that converts. Our team focuses on creating textual content that is engaging, search engine optimized, informative, catchy and easily comprehendible, as well as infographics and motion graphics that are aesthetically pleasing and detail-oriented. Starting a new business, and need a website, but don’t know where to start? Well, that’s where Dexterous Solutions comes in. We provide web design and development services that create smooth user experiences with minimized costs, great functionality and excellent features. We create the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) designs and execute them by developing websites on platforms like WordPress, Magento and Shopify.


Dexterous is a one-stop shop to all your digital needs, what makes us stand out? Our minimized costs, efficiency, timely delivery and most importantly, our creativity!


Logo Design – Principles, Types, And Ideas

Can you remember a Logo Design that you did not like? I’m sure not. That’s because no one remembers bad logo design. Only good logo design sticks. That’s one of the reasons why designing a logo is different from designing other branding materials. Every aspect of your brand, be it web banners, ads, and social media posts, has its design purposes, but none are as fixated on being remembered as a logo.


Though a Logo Design may seem fairly simple to create, designing an impressive one isn’t always easy. It includes a great deal of market research, a profound understanding of your buyer personas, and thoughtful contemplation of the values of Logo Design. Often, designers find themselves fashioning many iterations of a single logo before getting it “spot on.”

A Logo Design can be simply defined as your company’s identification. It’s how your company is recognized among the businesses. A Logo Design functions as the face of your company. Because of this, logos can be a great opportunity to make a statement about your brand. Take Amazon, for example. The smiley arrow indicates that the company sells everything from “A-Z” and also signifies how pleased customers are when they shop with them.

Even though a Logo Design can communicate a deep meaning, it’s not vital that it has to. If your designers are struggling to decide on such a logo, you’re asking too much of them. So, how do you begin designing a logo? I have broken down some key steps you’ll need to take to curate a logo that not only you, but your prospects will love.

Create your brand story


Before even thinking about what your company logo will look like, take some time to ponder the story behind your company. When we look at Coca-Cola, we don’t see a brown, carbonated beverage — we see polar bears and thick, white script letters.

To connect with your clients, you need to communicate the “why” behind your brand. It is the root of your story and it needs to be visible through your Logo Design.


Find design inspiration

Getting started is mostly the toughest part of any creative endeavor. It usually happens that you have too many ideas at once and you suffer from analysis paralysis. This means you get stuck in analyzing and cannot make a decision. To avoid this situation, think about your favorite Logo Designs. And what made them so memorable.  You can take help from Logo Design-related hashtags on social media. Instagram specifically is good for this because of its visual nature. Whenever browsing next make sure to check out popular hashtags like






Choose your logo design style

Now that you clearly understand your brand and feel inspired, it’s time to start interpreting that into your Logo Design. There are numerous elements that you need to work on here, like colors, shapes, graphics, and typography. When thinking about your logo design, it is vital that you pick the correct design aesthetic. You can choose from a wide variety of designs like classic, trendy, minimalistic, quirky, or just mix and match.

Choose colors that reflect your brand

The colors that you choose to represent your Logo Design will end up on your website, signages, social media, marketing emails, and everywhere a user interacts with your brand. You need to make sure you are conveying the right message through your logo design colors

Choose your logotype

It is better to do some research on logotypes before finalizing your Logo Design.

Monogram logo designs are made of letters, mostly brand initials. They are simple and help people remember the company behind the Logo Design. For example, IBM (international business machines).

A wordmark logo is a font-based logo design that represents the company name. for example, Visa, Jeep, etc.

Pictorial mark logos are graphic based. Seeing one immediately helps you recognize the company. Think Instagram, apple, etc.

Similarly, there are abstracts, mascots, and combination marks in the types you can consider while finalizing a logo design.

Choose the right typography

You should pick a font that balances and completes your Logo Design. There are 4 elementary types of fonts you can work with to give your Logo Design an exclusive look.

Serif fonts

Serif fonts give your Logo Design a classic and posh look. The distinguishing feature of this font is the little feet at the end of the letters, which make them appear classic and vintage.

Sans serif fonts

These are great if you want to give your logo a modern and clean look. They are simple and sleek, which makes them perfect for modern brands.

Script fonts

If you want to opt for an individualistic look, script fonts are the right choice for your logo. There is a huge variety ranging from handwritten to calligraphic and relaxed scripts.

Display fonts

Display fonts are ornamental and eye-catching.

If you combine different fonts in your logo design, it can have a very powerful effect. The right approach would be to pair all the design elements that you have now and create the vibe that you’re looking for.

Trust your designer and make sure to communicate well. Stay open to suggestions and give lots of feedback. If you and your designer work together, you will come up with the best logo design.


Dexterous Solutions is a global branding and marketing agency based in the US, serving companies of all sizes. We specialize in understanding your brand and vision and work closely with you to craft branding and marketing assets that align with your brand strategy, mission, vision and goals. With satisfied clients worldwide, let’s connect and explore how we can help you achieve your business goals.